Getting Started


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Follow these steps and you’ll have the basics covered in no time!


Step 1: Taking Your Measurements

Get pre-program measurements, and save these.
Do not skip this step, your future self will thank you!

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Step 2: Calculate Your
Personal Macro’s

To warrant optimal macro nutrient composition, calculating macro’s is highly recommended for beginners.

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Step 3: Track Your Macro’s Daily

For better insights in your daily macro intake, you can use applications like Cronometer.

About Cronometer

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Step 4: Pick Your
Workout Routine

Choose from a variety of training schedules,
based on your personal goals.

Pick Your Routine

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Step 5: Find Delicious Responsible Recipes

Although it is advisable to keep it simple, I understand that sometime you want something special.

Find Recipes

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Step 6: Other Lifestyle

Food and exercise are not the only routes toward a better health.

Other Interventions

Finish It

That’s it, now it’s up to you! Eat healthy, work hard and sleep well!

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